Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star

Film released by Paramount (2003)

"This is nucking futs!"

"Big houses make me horny."

No score CD available, although a "soundtrack" CD with songs from the film was released by Hollywood Records

Music clip, 0'29" (342Kb at 96kbps) [DVD menu music, taken from the film score]


Nearly diverting film about a fictional now-forgotten child star studying for his comeback role as a 'normal guy' by living with a 'normal' family in order to experience the childhood he never had. The best jokes involve champagne bottles.

Chris Beck's most noticeable contribution to the soundtrack is a gently uplifting theme which enters when the empathising side of Dickie emerges—when he is remembering his childhood or when he is showing true feeling to his surrogate family. Since it often coincides with mention of his only good childhood memory—playing the game Candyland—Bluntinstrument has taken to dubbing it the 'Candyland theme' (see 'Webmaster's additional 1' below). This idea binds the score together in a more fundamental way than the more casual easy-jazz, rock and pop-ish cues - some by Beck, some by Waddy Wachtel. Beck's cues are normally cheekier, involving jazz organ or harmonica; but there is another style which is more contemporary, and this has been used for the DVD menu also (see the clip above). These less thematic styles, though, are normally used as simple links or wallpaper to jaunty scenes. The film also makes much use of pre-existing pop music, so places where the score is given the space to shine with minimal dialogue are few, making Dickie Roberts a somewhat minor addition to his filmography. The end credits, normally a place to look for score cues, are dominated by Marc Ellis's "Child stars on your television" (to lyrics by Fred Wolf and Robert Smigel).

N.B. The credits mention "Son sueños", by Beck and performer David Barragan (used at 0:22'07"); also a cue "Bottle bump" written with or by (the cue sheet and film credits disagree about Beck's involvement, but these are tiny cues) regular score coordinator Andrew Kaiser.

Webmaster's additional 1: the 'Candyland theme'

Although this theme may be said to emerge out of the story of Dickie Roberts' life-changing experience, it usually features in scenes where dialogue is emphasized, so a soundclip doesn't give it justice. Bluntinstrument has taken the theme where it is used at two points in the movie (ca.0:56'18" where the beginning of the theme is used gently, and ca.1:22'52 where it is extended) and adaptedand arranged it into a single approachable format. The result is not in any form a straight transcription.

Candyland theme (.gif) / .midi

Webmaster's additional 2: the director's commentary

DVD counter readings are approximate (taken from a PAL version) and may not tally with the cue-commentary.

0:16'50" The cut from the card game to Dickie driving and talking to his agent.

"This cut here, using this... it's kind of Mexican drums. One of our two composers, Christophe Beck, he did a great job, as did Waddy Wachtel—merging original cource cues with some songs like this."

0:22'15" Cutting from autobiography scene to the newspaper ad.

"Back to the Mexican drums. Interestingly enough, we got a guy who was a Mexican rapper, who wrote this little track you heard, which was about wanting to pursue his dream of being famous. It's great to have a little flavour like that."

0:40'00" Lullaby scene. [The 'Candyland theme']

"Beautiful family theme in the score here. Christophe Beck. Very sweet."

1:20'10" Candy Land present [The 'Candyland theme']

"Chris Beck, the composer, did a great job here with this cue."

The commentary also notes that the end credits song was written by Fred Wolf and Robert Smigel of Saturday Night Live, set to music by Marc Ellis..

Webmaster's additional 3: the cue discussion

DVD counter readings are approximate (taken from PAL version). After a frankly disastrous attempt to separate authoriships of cues, the composer kindly allowed the Bluntinstrument access to the final cue sheets (dated 2003.08.20), enabling this listing to be more authoritative than usual, especially in identifying which cues are by Beck and which by other composers. Christophe Beck cues highlighted in bold; cue sheet data in italics.

0:00'00"-0:00'30" MAIN TITLES (1M0) :30. IN over Paramount Pictures Logo. Continues as Main Titles begin.
Opening double-bass, with groovy pop. Mischievious, with a touch of the crass, setting up the tone of the movie as well as its characters' roots. Under 70s TV show snippets.

0:00'30"-0:00'42" TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY. OPEN [by] Elyse Schiller, Jim Watson. :30. SEGUES as commentator (Bobby Slayton) comments on the evolution of the entertainment industry in the seventies.

0:00'42"-0:00'54" GLIMMER GANG THEME SONG. Performed [and composed] by Tom Ashton. :12. SEGUES as Slayton starts talking about David Spade (Dickie Roberts).

0:00'56"-0:01'18" DON'T GIVE UP ON US [by] Tony Macaulay. Performed by David Soul. :22. IN as young Dickie (Nicholas Schwerin) described as the son of David Soul.

0:01'40"-0:02'13" RIDE LIKE THE WIND Performed [and composed] by Christopher Cross. :37. IN as the story of Dickie continues and his mother (Doris Roberts) explains how his fame started as a child when he obtained a part in the show.

0:02'20"-0:02'40" INTRO MONTAGE 5 (1M5) [by] Waddy Watchel. :22. IN as Slayton goes on and tells that Dickie developed psychological problems due to his childhood.
Electric guitars, drums.

0:02'40"-0:02'55" DICKIE MONTAGE (1M6) [by] Waddy Wachtel. :16. SEGUES as grown Dickie (David Spade) struggles to become famous again.
Falsetto singing with guitars and drums.

0:02'55"-0:03'15" ANNOUNCER (1M7) [by] Waddy Wachtel. :22. SEGUES as boxing fight begins and the host introduces the opponents.

0:03'18"-0:03'43" BREAK MY STRIDE [by] Matthew Wilder, Gregory Prestopino. Performed by Matthew Wilder. :22. IN as Main Titles continue as Spade is announced and enters the ring while being booed by the audience.

0:03'54"-0:04'15" ANTE UP (Robbin' Hoodz Theory) [by] Jamaal Grinnage, Eric Murry, Darryl Pittman. Performed by M.O.P. :28. IN as Main titles continue on cut to Emmanuel Lewis.

0:05'02"-0:05'18" ANTE UP (Robbin' Hoodz Theory) [again, by] Jamaal Grinnage, Eric Murry, Darryl Pittman. Performed by M.O.P. :20 IN as they start hitting one another.

0:06'21"-0:06'48" CYNDI HITCHHIKES (1M12) :27. IN as Spade flips his car over a cliff while trying to change a flat tire.
Harmlessly happy underscore: harmonica, bass, drums.

0:06'48"-0:07'25" LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS [by] Benjamin Cobs, Joel Combs. Performed by Good Charlotte. :40 IN as a passing car picks up Cyndi (Alyssa Milano) and instead of letting Spade in, it drives off.

0:08'38"-0:10'00" DICKIE PARKS (1M14) 1:34. IN as Spade calls Milano [presumably this should be his agent, not his girlfriend] while working as a parking valet at a restaurant.
This cue and the one that follows use a kooky pop style that you can hear in the DVD menu music clip above.

0:11'31"-0:12'11" LAMAZE CLASS (1M15) :40. IN as Spade arrives at meeting and tries to pass as an alcoholic.
Kooky pop style from 0:08'38" returns.

0:13'03"-0:14'50" CHASING THE SUN AWAY [by] Barrett Burton Bosstones. Performed by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. 2:17. IN as Spade plays poker at home with his former star friends.

0:15'32"-0:16'05"I MISS THE LOVE (1M17) :32. IN as he describes what it meant to him to be famous.
Keyboard underscore.

0:16'38"-0:16'58" BRENDAN CALLS (1M18) :22. IN as his cellular phone rings and he accepts to meet with Rob Ryan the next day.
Pea-whistles and drum kit. The commentary, however, is ambiguous as to whether this was Beck's or pre-existing Mexican drum music. Most likely Beck imitated a temp cue.

0:16'58"-0:17'29" RIDE LIKE THE WIND. Performed [and composed] by Christopher Cross. :35. IN as Spade sings along in his car.

0:21'08"-0:21'21" RELIEVE [RELIVE] CHILDHOOD (2M1) :14. IN as Spade decides to hire a family in order to relive his childhood.
Reminiscent of the string cues used in Little Black Book and (especially) Under the Tuscan Sun, with some of the cheekiness that the latter score imbued in the film. (If the movie is to be believed, it's great to know that great movie roles go to people who are the correct height.)
CLIP. This cue features much dialogue.

0:22'07"-0:22'30" SON SUENOS [by] David Barragan, Chris Beck. Performed by David Barragan. :24. SEGUES as his agent is in shock because of the amount of money needed for Spade's plans.
This is very much the same style as 0:16'38", but this time with vocals.

0:22'30"-0:22'47" HOME 1 (2M3) [by] Waddy Wachtel. :18. SEGUES as his arrives at the house of the first family and gives it up because of the dog.
Wachtel uses heavy metal guitars.

0:22'47"-0:23'02" BOOM BOOM [by] West Louis, Jr., Bryan Bonwell, Michael Mills, Vincent Ramos. Performed by Mickael ("M & M") Mills. :17. SEGUES as he tries to use an agency with no result.
The 'Hood' house in suburbia. Rap.

0:23'02"-0:23'25" HOME 3 (2M5) :24 IN as a gay man confesses to him that he does not have a family.
Samba-style. I wonder how they guessed that man was gay?

0:23'25"-0:23'52" FINNEY HOME (2M6) :30 IN as he finally meets with the ideal family.
We meet Grace Finney, played adeptly by Mary McCormack (pretty well the only satisfyingly three-dimensional character). Classical orchestra in a bright cue, almost Disneyesque in its headonistic suburban perfection.

0:24'08"-0:24'12" NEGATIVITY. Performed [and composed] by Corey Feldman. :04. IN as Spade moves in his new house.
Unsure whether this is correct. Sounds like a heavy bass guitar coming from the husband's car, but this is before Spade moves in.

0:26'22"-0:26'44" [Spade moves in.]
This does not appear to be in the cue sheet (unless it is what the previous cue header referred to. Harmless underscore very similar to 0:06'21", employing harmonica, jazz organ and percussion. Strangely this sounds more and more like the link music of an American comedy of the 70's.

0:27'13"-0:27'52" STANDOFF (2M6B) :28. IN as Spade shares the memories of his childhood.
Piano theme with gentle harmonisation as Dickie explains who his real father is. Hereafter titled the 'Candyland theme' because it reflects Dickie's yearning for a family. Submerged by dialogue, but there is a theme there! (see Webmaster's additional 1)

0:27'53"-0:28'19" DON'T REMEMBER DAD (2M7) 1:10. SEGUES as his agent promises him to get him a part in the next Rod Ryan movie.
Harmless underscore developed - now with added rhythm from electric guitar.

0:29'45"-0:30'15" DAMMIT [by] Scott Raynot, Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLounge. Performed by Blink 182. :34. IN as Sam (Scott Terra) and Sally Finney (Jenna Boyd) show Spade all their cool toys. [The hose slapstick].

0:30'25"-0:30'53" GARAGE (2M9) :30. IN as Spade sees all their past favourite toys in the garage.
Allusion to the 'Candyland theme' in this glance of the children's past toys.

0:34'00"-0:34'29" SEND DICKIE TO TREEHOUSE (2M11) :39. IN as Spade comes back from the bathroom and overhears the Finneys talk among themselves about sending him away.
A solitary flute plays a snippet of the 'Candyland theme', taken over and extended by piano. Dickie learns he's not liked in the new home.

0:34'31"-0:34'48" [Dickie goes to the treehouse.]
Not in the cue sheet. Comedy scoring for an otherwise uninteresting scene. One of the few presumably Beck-scored non-dialogue cues.

0:34'58"-0:35'09"TREE HOUSE DISCO [by] Bryan Bonwell, Frank Toddy Winfrey, China Anegawa, Sherwin Charles, Larry Brown. Performed by Larry Blouin, Natasha Barr. :20. SEGUES as Spade spends the night in the redecorated treehouse.

0:35'09"-0:35'34" LE FREAK [by] Bernard Edwards, Nile Rodgers. Performed by Chic. :48. IN as Terra and Boyd hear disco music coming out of the treehouse and they bcome curious.

0:35'34"-0:36'09" DISCO INFERNO [by] Leroy Green, Tyrone Kersey. Performed by the Hit Crew. :38. IN as they climb the wooden ladder and look inside while Spade enjoys himself.

0:36'09"-0:38'22" DICKIE'S [TERRA'S] STORY (3M1) :14. IN as they sit in a circle and Terra begins telling a scary story. [Or rather, he is ending it - this scene must have been re-cut. Presumably the music is still Beck's]
CLIP-A Terra's hook hand' story. Scary.

0:38'24"-0:36'52" SALLY'S STORY (3M2-A) :34. SEGUES as it is Boyd's turn and Spade cuts her short to make comments about her witch's resemblance with a schoolmate.
Eerie music for the 'witch' story.

0:37'27"-0:38'38" SCARY STORY PT3 (3M2-B) [by] Waddy Wachtel. 1:20. IN as Spade starts his scary story titled "The Sitcom that was Cancelled" while a tarantula goes up his sweater.
CLIP-B Opening of the 'sitcom' story. Included because of the over-the-top dramatics Wachtel used - strangely, though, this sounds very much like Christophe Beck. The scene turns briefly into an orchestral chase as spider-enduced pandemonium ensues on-screen.

0:39'33"-0:39'51" MOCKINGBIRD. Traditional. :20. IN as Grace Finney (Mary McCormack) sings a soothing tunr to Spade after he has a nightmare.

0:39'54"-0:40'33" DICKIE TO BED (3M3) :42. IN as Spade falls in sleep and she leaves the room.
Piano begins the' Candyland theme', with flute taking over, followed by strings, harp, etc. Subtle scoring. The effect of a mother's love on Dickie explored by the composer.

0:41'13"-0:42'02" SLIP N SLIDE (3M4) [by] Waddy Wachtel. :55. IN as Terra and Boyd show Spade how to slip and slide.
Percussion, electric guitars, keyboards. This is the easy-jazz/Jamaican style most used by Wachtel for the fun scenes, whereas Beck's was a mixture of a more funky modern pop approach and kooky harmonica-led one. The styling is similar enough, though, for them to co-exist comfortably in the same film.

0:42'15"-0:42'20" INSANE IN THE BRAIN [by] Louise Freese, Larry Muggerud, Senen Reyes, Jerry Corbitt. Performed by David Spade. :05. IN after Spade uses oil instead of water to slide faster and he crashes against one of the fences.

0:44'14"-0:44'39" BURPING (3M5) [by] Waddy Wachtel. :28. IN as Terra, Boyd, and Spade have a burping contest.

0:44'47"-0:45'26" DEEP INSIDE YOU (3M6) :48. IN as Spade thanks both Terra and Boyd for letting him stay in their room again.
Jazz organ underscore plays the 'Candyland theme', the instrumentation lending it a more mellow quality as Dickie and the kids gain a little respect for each other.

0:45'26"-0:45'30"INSANE IN THE BRAIN [by] Louise Freese, Larry Muggerud, Senen Reyes, Jerry Corbitt. Performed by Jenna Boyd. :04. OVERLAPS as Boyd repeats Spade's words and sleep.

0:46'48"-0:47'20" STROLLER (3M7) :35. IN as Spade sits in a stroller while McCormack tells him it is ridiculous.
Electric guitar. Sounds very close to Wachtel's style, but Beck's jazz organ addition adds a little more gently comic kitsch.

0:48'37"-0:49'06" STROLLING (3M8) :32. IN as she suggests that he dies his hair and wears glasses so that people can not recognize him.
Keyboards, percussion, harmonica. Similar to 0:6'21"

0:50'18"-0:50'58" MAP / DICKIE'S LATE (3M9) :44. IN as Spade runs between his agent's office and the children's school.
Electric guitars, jazz organ, percussion. Close to the 0:08'40"/DVD menu music.

0:52'20"-0:52'45" BULLIES / CAR RIDE (3M10) [by] Waddy Wachtel. :44. IN as Spade takes over Terra's three bullies and turns the situation around.
Sounds like a pop band cue.

0:53'44"-0:54'11" FIRETRUCK (3M11/3M12) :32. IN as Spade clears up the street from the blocking firetruck by making a fake emergency call.
Return of the style from 0:08'40"/DVD menu. Both scenes involve vehicle-related comedy.

0:54'52"-0:55'12" FLOOD (3M13) :21. IN as water pours in the Finney's living room and McCormack throws Spade out of the house.
Jazz organ takes the lead in this chaotic style cue.

0:56'16"-0:56'43" DICKIE THROWN OUT (3M14) :32. IN as Spade begs McCormack to keep him in the family.
Oboe plays the 'Candyland theme'.

0:56'43"-0:57'09" [The rabbit incident: rabbit found.]
Harmonica, percussion, keyboards. Not on the cue sheet, but definitely similar to 0:6'21", by Beck.

0:57'42"-0:59'59" BACK IN THE CAGE (4M1) :20. SEGUES as Spade cleans and dries up the dead rabbit and he returns it back in the neighbor's cage.
Orchestral cue, featuring military percussion to underscore the fiendish rabbit plan. The Gurtrudes (nasty neighbours) return home.

0:58'29"-0:58'53" DEVIL RABBIT (4M2) :28. IN as the neighbors move out after they become terrified by the rabbit they thought was dead and buried.
Brief (and louder) return of Beck's percussion as the neighbours depart - merging straight into happy pop guitar/jazz organ as the family celebrates.

0:59'12"-0:59'21" GREATEST DAY [by] Jaret Reddick. Performed by Bowling for Soup. :09. IN as the children teach Spade to ride a bicycle.

0:59'54"-1:00'16" GREATEST DAY [by] Jaret Reddick. Performed by Bowling for Soup. :24. IN as a new teenage girl is [made] welcome in the neighbourhood and she joins the group.

1:00'22"-1:00'24" GREATEST DAY [by] Jaret Reddick. Performed by Bowling for Soup. :02. IN as a Spade gives another try at riding the bicycle.

1:02'50"-1:03'03" I'M A MOM FIRST (4M6) :44 IN as McCormack shares her doubts about her marriage.
"Kids always think it's their fault when parents split up." Quiet underscore as Dickie and mum grow closer. Allusion to the 'Candyland theme' but not recognisably so.

1:04'03"-1:04'38" DICKIE TEACHES SALLY (4M7) :41 IN as Spade helps Boyd prepare for the dance audition.
Jaunty (but non-essential) cue from Beck (sounding rather like Elfman's Pee-Wee scoring).

1:05'04"-1:05'54" I WANNA BE BAD [by] Brian Kierulf, Joshua Schwartz, Amanda Williford. Performed by Willa Ford. :54. IN as the first contestant starts dancing.

1:06'13"-1:07'14" RIDE LIKE THE WIND. Performed [and composed] by Christopher Cross. 1:06. IN as it is Boyd's turn.

1:07'15"-1:07'35" SALLY'S TRIUMPH (1M10) :25. IN as she is chosen.
A triumphant orchestral tutti version of the 'Candyland theme'.

1:07'39"-1:07'40" INSANE IN THE BRAIN [by] Louise Freese, Larry Muggerud, Jerry Corbitt. Performed by Jenna Boyd. IN as Boyd repeats Spade's expression again.

1:09'20"-1:09'38" GRACE EXPLAINS THE SCRIPT (4M11) :27. IN as McCormack explains the meaning of the script to Spade.
Glimpse of the 'Candyland theme' during Grace's telling of the Backyard/Heaven story. Halted when Dickie admits to not understanding its meaning.
CLIP (including Candyland theme, interrupted)

1:10'01"-1:10'18" CYNDI ARRIVES (4M12) :20. IN as Spade enters his bedroom and Milano comes near him.
Harmonica, jazz organ, etc. Acting mostly as a link, again using the style from 0:06'21".

1:10'57"-1:11'12" END OF DINNER (4M13) :18. IN as George (Craig Bierko) promises to keep Milano in the house if Spade's pays a bigger rent.
Bouncy harmonica cue (perhaps mocking Milano's jiggling breasts)

1:11'20"-1:13'20" NATURAL HIGH [by] Charles McCormick. Performed by Bloodstone. 2:35. IN as Spade opens a bottle of wine and pour it into two glasses.

1:13'20"-1:14'31" HOT WAX / SYDNEY THROWN OUT (4M15) :43. SEGUES as Spade spills hot wax on Milano and she curses him.
Quiet keyboard underscore for the Hot wax scene. The music is given a rhythmic shot in the arm (at 1:13'54") for Sydney's (the manager) quest to get his star an audition: jazz organ, percussion, electric guitar

1:15'11"-1:16'13" JUST MY IMAGINATION (RUNNING AWAY WITH ME) [by] Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong. Performed by the Temptations. 1:08. IN as Spade and Terra appear over the fence of the neighbour's house and Terra asks her out.

1:17'53"-1:17'59" THE CHRISTMAS SONG [by] Bob Wells, Mel Torme. Performed by Nat King Cole. 2:12. IN as McCormack helps Spade understand the true meaning of Christmas with an experiment.

1:20'15"-1:21'02" CANDYLAND (5M2) :57. IN as Spade thanks McCormack for remembering about Candyland.
Strings re-introduce the 'Candyland theme' as Dickie receives it as a present. Acoustic guitar then accompanies the flute playing a simple, direct itteration of the theme.

1:21'12"-1:23'56" AUDITION / DICKIE LEAVES (5M3/5M4) 2:51 IN as John Ryan urges Spade to audition at the hospital before he is taken to surgery.
1:21'12"-1:21'57" Strings and marimba develop the theme as Dickie gets the part, but peters out...
1:21'57"-1:22'52" Keyboard-led music underscores the characters' parting.
1:22'52"-1:23'56" Accoustic guitar and flute take up the 'Candyland theme', with strings, opening out into full orchestra as Dickie returns to fame

1:23'57"-1:24'44" NIGHTS ARE FOREVER WITHOUT YOU [by] Parker McGee. Performed by England Dan, John Ford Coley. 1:00. IN as Spade surprises McCormack and the children while they open their Christmas presents.

1:25'46"-1:26'38" FLAGPOLE SITTA [by] Aaron Huffman, Jeff Lin, Sean Nelson, Evan Sult. Performed by Harvey Danger. :49. IN as the voice of Slayton comments on Spade's success.

1:26'38"-1:26'50" TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY PART 1 (5M7) [by] Waddy Wachtel. :13. IN as McCormack distributes her Christmas gifts to the children and Dickie surprises them.
Wachtel's music is guitar band, in the style of a Friends episode link cue.

1:26'54"-1:27'07" TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY PART 2 (5M8) [by] Waddy Wachtel. :14. IN as Spade's agent enjoys his client's success.

1:27'24-1:27'28" BOTTLE BUMP-PART1 (5M9) [by] Andrew Kaiser, Chris Beck. :05. IN as Bierko and Milano are bitter about Spade's big comeback.
R&B pop?

1:27'39-1:27'44" BOTTLE BUMP-PART 2 (5M10) [by] Andrew Kaiser, Chris Beck. :08. IN as Bierko becomes amnesic after Milano injures him with a champaign bottle's cork.
See previous cue.

1:27'44"-1:27'51" HARE KRSNA [by] George Harrison. :06. SEGUES as he joins a cult group passing by in the desert.

1:27'51"-1:28'05" TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY PART 3 (5M12) [by] Waddy Wachtel. :15. SEGUES as Milano obtains a part in Dickie's show.

1:28'05"-1:28'35" SOONER OR LATER [by] Gary Zekley, Mitch Bottler, Ted McNamara, Ekundayo Paris, Adeneyi Paris. Performed by the Grass Roots. :34. IN as Spade regains his fame and becomes McCormack's husband.

1:28'35"-1:33'11" CHILD STARS ON YOUR TELEVISION. Lyrics by Fred Wolf, Robert Smigel. Music by Marc Ellis. Performed by Willie Aames, Fred Berry, Todd Bridges, Gary Coleman, Jeff Conaway, Dustin Diamond, Tony Dow, Corey Feldman, Leif Garrett, Corey Haim, Florence Henderson, Christopher Knight, Butch Patrick-Lilly, Barry Livingston, Mike Lookinland, Maureen McCormick, Eddie Mekka, Jeremy Miller, Erin Moran, Haywood Nelson, Jay North, Ron Pailillo, Paul Petersen, Adam Rich, Rodney Allen Rippy, Marion Ross, David Spade, Ernest Thomas, Charlene Tilton, Barry Williams. IN as former child stars sing together, as End credits begin.

1:33'13"-1:24'14"[=End] FORMER CHILD STAR. [by] Leif Garrett, Ryan Wrath, Darrell Arnold. Performed by Leif Garrett. CONTINUES through remainder of End credits.

Webmaster's additional 3: original soundtrack CD

01. Break my stride (Stride 2003) (Matthew Wilder)
02. Sooner or later (The Grass Roots)
03. Le freak (Chic)
04. Don't give up on us (David Soul)
05. Just my imagination (Running away with me) (The Temptations)
06. I wanna be bad (Willa Ford)
07. Flagpole sitta[?] (Harvey Danger)
08. Natural high (Bloodstone)
09. Nights are forever without you (England Dan & John Ford Coley)
10. Former child star (Leif Garrett)
11. Negativity (Corey Feldman)
12. Child stars on your television (Willie Aames, Fred Berry, Todd Bridges, Gary Coleman, Jeff Conaway, Dustin Diamond, Tony Dow, Corey Feldman, Leif Garrett, Corey Haim, Florence Henderson, ChristopherKnight, Butch Patrick-Lilly, Barry Livingston, Mike Lookinland, Maureen McCormick, Eddie Mekka, Jeremy Miller, Erin Moran, Haywood Nelson, Jay North, Ron Palillo, Paul Petersen, Adam Rich, Rodney allen Rippy, Marion Ross, David Spade, Ernest Thomas, Charlese Tilton and Barry Williams

Film music credits

**Opening credits**
Music by Christophe Beck and Waddy Wachtel
Music supervisor: Michael Dilbeck
**End credits**
Associate music supervisors: Wende Crowley, Bryan Bonwell
Music clearance: Tom Iannessa
Music editors: Lee Scott, Tanya Noel Hill
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Additional music recorded and mixed by Gabe Veltri
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Courtesy of Jive Records
"Insane in the brain"
by Louis Freese, Larry Muggerud, Senen Reyes and Jerry Corbitt
"Natural high"
By Charles McCormick
Performed by Bloodstone
Courtesy of Rhino Entertainment Company
"I wanna be bad"
By Brian Kierulk, Joshua Schwartz and Amanda Williford
Performed by Willa Ford
Courtesy of Lava Records / Atlantic Recording Corp.
"The Christmas song"
By Bob Wells and Mel Torme
Performed by Nat King Cole
Courtesy of Capitol Records
"Just my imagination (running away with me)"
By Norman Whitfield and BarrettStrong
Performed by The Temptations
Courtesy of Motown Record Company, L.P.
"Nights are forever without you"
by Parker McGee
Performed by England Dan and John Ford Coley
Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp.
"Flagpole sitta"
By Aaron Huffman, Jeff Lin, Sean Nelson and Evan Sult
Performed by Harvey Danger
Courtesy of The Island Def Jam Music Group
"Sooner or later"
By Gary Zekley et al
Performed by The Grass Roots
Courtesy of MCA Records
"Bottle bump"
Written and performed by Andrew Kaiser
"Child stars on your television"
Lyrics by Fred Wolf and Robert Smigel
Music by Marc Ellis
Featuring... [oh, who cares?!?!]
"Former child star"
By Leif Garrett, Ryan Wrath and Darrell Arnold
Performed by Leif Garrett
Produced by Charles Goodan, Leif Garrett, Darrell Arnold and Sonja Myers
Courtesy of Leif Garrett
"Don't give up on us"
David Soul & Friends
Courtesy of Dick Clark Productions, Inc.
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