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Film released by 20th Century Fox

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Music clip one, 0'58" (458Kb) [at 36'41" of vcd disc 1] Habanera


Christophe Beck's music for this rather tame teen comedy (tame in terms of comedy rather than its under-age sex, rampant recreational drug use sexual exploration via advertisement, and swearing) is rather as you'd expect for a film which is dominated by teen-friendly pop music. His brother Jason has quite a lot of credit here also, which leaves Chris's contributions mostly reduced to forgettable underscore, but occasionally peeking to audience consciousness with a cheeky little habanera tune (used mainly for the least-likeable Jenny) or soft guitar-based teen romance music (this latter rather more generic). Reprised in Just Married, Spanish dance style is naturally bursting with sexual vitamins, which are urgently required in a comedy which is reliant on its premise of 3 teen girls prioritising their first orgasm against university entrance exam pressure and home life. Bluntinstrument was forced to watch this film three times and heard the soundtrack from the film further. After this gruelling test of endurance all credit must be given to the composer for hanging in. The chief pleasure in this film is seeing a therapy-reliant Mia Farrow in a ginger fright-wig, rhapsodising over herbal face cream. And the odd glimpse of a Beck score well-hidden. Keep taking the tablets, Chris.

Webmaster's additional1:

Chris Beck wrote the score to this movie in September 1998, in a two week break after scoring Buffy 3.03, according to his own words in a discussion forum. (See Chris Beck Says).

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Film credits details and any timings listed are based on a commercial VCD copy rather than any DVD release, and thus inaccuracies due to the compression format are unfortunately inevitable. Do e-mail with corrections! No further work is planned for this review.

VCD DISC ONE (46'06" total)
ca.9.15 - Electric guitars and drum underscore (Chad, current boyfriend, asks Stream, the central character, for more sex at school)
a tiny bit of accordian music at the beginning of the French lesson
24'37" - Similar guitar-based underscore (the examination)
31'45" - Stream takes a small interest in Lipschitz (Ryan Reynolds as "quirky-but-real" boyfirend material). Electric/acoustic guitars with soft synths
[34'47" - The masturbation scene - an opportunity wasted by usage of pop music, although a fun choice! Unsure what it is. 1960s?]
36'41" - Habanera cue. Not apparently tied to any particular person, but you get the impression that it is focussed on the outwardly confident Jenny (played by Gaby Hoffmann, long black hair). This cue veers off into a minor-key acoustic guitar variant, and back, and this replayed at 13'35" of the second disc
41'22" - Apple scene - Lipschitz/Stream music again (see 31'45") ..
43'26" - The Othello essay lesson (electric guitar) ..
44'06" - Nell (a starchy Tricia Vessey) explains she's off to her modeling (accoustic underscore) ..
44'28" - 'Cool' bass guitar, and minimal synths and percussion
44'11" - Jenny hears by phone of Nell's modelling success, and offers a 40-year-old relative to Stream as a prospective sexual partner: habanera

VCD DISC TWO (44'28")
4'12" - Rolling in the mud scene. Stream/Lipschitz music. Slightly less timid, with cello bass line. Slower and more tentative again (acoustic guitar line and percussion only) as Stream goes storming off
6'34" - Stream's post-storming-off chat with imaginary friends. Short habanera cue. Acoustic guitar takes up the theme
9'59" - Stream's mother (played by Mia Farrow) hates herself for being "100% judgemental". Quiet percussion. Very brief underscore cue.
13'35"-15'41" - Jenny waits for her advertised partner. Lonely minor-key acoustic guitar version of the habanera cue (bass guitar and quiet synths accompany in places), which moves back to cello-pizzicato as her hopes rise, and then the fanciful major-key tune makes a return on acoustic guitar plus upper strings when her decision is made to phone for her car. A quiet return to the minor-key theme accompanies her unconfident car-based conversation with the chauffeur, but ever-so quiet, and then back to the major-key theme when he tells her she's too skinny. Result: a neat little battle of inner and outer confidences played out in the music.
17'25" - Brief sitar and tabla sounds for Stream's tiff with her mother. Presumably the Indian flavour reflects her mother's spiritual leanings
23'47" - Tiny link to a scene involving Stream and her mother: sneaky electric guitar impersonation of a [Sitar?]
31'46" - Sitar link to a scene where Stream's mother releases her inner entrepreneur. The scene itself is accompanied by percussion, partly reminiscent of tabla, and plucked Indian(?) instrument
33'29" - Jenny on the exercise bike after having both her friends start to take their own routes to happiness. Rather than sad music, her habanera returns, but there's a cheeky Indian/eastern inflection to the instrumentation which perhaps hints at the self-analysis of Stream's mother through the film
35'16" - Short acoustic/electric guitar link
36'25" - Stream congratulates Nell on her new-found self-confidence (and lesbianism) and gets together with Lipschitz. Stream/Lipschitz guitar-dominated music, building with the confidence of the characters (percussion, cello bass-line...)
38'26"-40'56" - Is this the "new" sensation she's after? The new arrangement of the Stream/Lipschitz theme is perhaps the hint. Beck uses piano instead of acoustic guitar, and brings in a more melodic cello, before guitars retake the centre stage for the actual eponimous moment, with unison cello/violin topping it off. Quietly satisfied guitar ends the cue.
40'57" - End credits music. Guitars, shakers, some other subtle percussion, quiet synths. By Chris Beck, presumably

Film music credits

Score produced by Christophe Beck
Guitarist - Joshua Kramon

"Hit me with your lovething"
Written by Louise Hoffstein, et al
Performed by Louise Hoffstein, et al
Courtesy of BMG Ariola Sweden
"Magic piper of love"
Written and performed by Idwyn Collins
Courtesy of Setanta / Epic Records
"Real low down"
Written and performed by Elaine Summers
Courtesy of Loosegroove Records
Written by Les Baxter
Performed by Bas Shena
Courtesy of Capitol Records (EMI license)
"Alive again"
Written and performed by Christophe Beck
"Jingle bells"
Arranged by J. Doering
Performed by Mirage Band
Courtesy of Resort Music
"Travel France"
Written by Dan Kirsten
Courtesy of OGM
"Voyage Espana"
Written and performed by Debashish Bhattacharya, et al
Courtesy of Frequency Glide Enterprises
"Mambo Inn"
"Our man in Havana"
Written by Steve Sidwell
Courtesy of Promusic Inc.
"Thinking of you"
Written by Scott [?] and Brian [same]
Performed by Martin's Dam
Courtesy of Hybrid Records
Lyrics by Colette Burson and Kate Rohn
Music by Chris Wagner
Performed by Skinny [?]
Courtesy of [ST?] Records
"Love a woman"
Credited as above
"Sex dance"
Written by Michele Vice and Peter Roberts
Performed by Lisa Frazier
"To clear the air"
Written and performed by Eric Matthews
Courtesy of Sub Pop Records
"Getting scared"
Written by Imogen Heap and Gug Sigsworth
Performed Imogen Heap
Courtesy of Almo Sounds Ltd
"Deliver yourself"
"Blast off"
"Wave of crime"
"Mr Rodeo"
"Red leather"
Written and performed by Jason Beck