Cheaper by the dozen

Film released by 20th Century Fox

No score soundtrack available

Music clip one, 0'17" (134Kb) [DVD menu music]
Music clip two, 1'29" (697Kb) [End of end credits]


While Shawn Levy's teaming with Christophe Beck has born sweeter fruit than this rather overly-cute and unreal Steve Martin vehicle, the music remains as fresh as ever. In depicting the chaotic state of a large family uprooting to follow a father's dream career move, Beck neatly bounces along between glossy-but-dated pop songs (and art which he is now well versed in), friskily dodging from summery accoustic guitars (family bliss - sounding very much in the same thread as that of the almost-contemporary Under the Tuscan sun) to mad-cap frenzied brass-led hyper-marches (family frenzy) and back.

While no soundtrack exists, the DVD helpfully allows the reviewer the opportunity to share both aspects without dialogue or sound effects: the mad-cap from the title menu music, and the idyllic from the very end of the end credits (a reprise most cinema audiences will have missed). Enjoy these rare gems.

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Full music credits

Music editor - Terry Wilson
Music coordinator - Jojo Villanueva
Score conducted by Mike Novak
Score orchestrated by Kevin Kliesch and Ceiri Torjussen
Score recorded and mixed by Casey stone
Score recorded at The Newman Scoring Stage, Twentieth Century Fox
Recordist - John Rodd
Additional music by Andrew Kaiser
"These are the days"
Written by Natalie Merchant and Robert Buck
Performed by 10,000 Maniacs
Courtesy of Elektra Entertainmetn Group
"Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall"
"People come together"
Music by M. Constanzo; lyrics by M. Constanzo et al
Performed by Len
Courtesy of Universal Music Canada / DreamWorks Records
(Contains samples of "Reach out of the darkness", "Electric relaxation" and "Mystic brew" - performed by and courtesy of various bodies credited on film)
"Back again"
Written by Norman whitfield, Terrance Kelly and Roosevelt Harrell
Performed by Mr Cheeks
Courtesy of Universal Records
(Contains elements from "Car wash" - written by Norman Whitfield, performed by Rose Royce, and courtesy of MCA Records)
Written by Daniel O. Butterfield
(No further details)
"Life is a highway"
Written and performed by Tom Cochran
Courtesy of EMI Records
"Conant Gardens"
Written by R. L. Altman et al
Performed by Slum Village
Courtesy of Barak Records
"I'm just a kid"
Written by Pierre Bouvier et al
Performed by Simple Plan
Courtesy of Lava Records LLC
"Alright, alright (Here's my fist where's the fight?)"
Written by Maria Anderson et al
Performed by Sahara Hotnights
Courtesy of BMG Sweden AB, Stockholm
"Someone like me"
Written by Lea Longo, Dan Cinelli and Rad Crasto
Performed by Lea Longo
Courtesy of Luke Eddins
WritteJohn Lennon and Paul McCartneyn by
Performed by Fountains of Wayne
Performing courtesy of Curve Records
Written and performed by David Usher
Courtesy of EMI Music Canada Inc.
"Guajira (I love u 2 much)"
Written by andres Levin et al
Performed by Yerba Buena
Courtesy of Razor & Tie Direct, L.L.C.
"In too deep"
Written and performed by Sum 41
Courtesy of The island Def Jam Music Group / aquarius Records
"Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi: 'O Fortuna' from Carmina Burana"
Written by Carl Orff
Performed by Orchestre symphonique de Montreal
Courtesy of Decca Music Group Ltd.
"Classical Gas
Written and performed by Mason Williams
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc.
"Rockin' around the Christmas tree"
Written by Johnny Marks
Performed by Brenda Lee
Courtesy of MCA Nashville
"Rockin' Robin"
Written by Jimmie Thomas
Performed by Jackson 5
Courtesy of Motown Records
"What Christmas should be"
Written by Charlie Midnight and Matthew Gerrard
Performed by Hilard Duff
Courtesy of Hollywood Records / Buena Vista Records