Airborne (DVD cover)

Film released by Le Monde Entertainment

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Music clip, 2'30" (1.14Mb) [end credits theme reprise]

"I still don't like you Murdock."


Julian Grant's justifiably forgettable rip-off of Mission: Impossible, The Rock, et al, is earth-bound for most of the movie, wasting the acting talents of Sean Bean (by now its biggest selling point), and offering a script that gives most others the chance to deliver the toe-curlingly wooden performance of their lives. Steve Guttenberg, for example, is either unsuited to the role of hard-nut (even with scars and sun glasses), or has overdosed on the Botox.

Chris Beck was presumably asked to wallpaper this movie with as much music as time would allow to glue its sequences together, but a low budget, and perhaps time restraints, forces a somewhat forgettable score. What sounds like a stark naked lone live trumpet serves to show up the synthesized nature of the rest of the performance (brass, strings, snare drum..); the themes are noble and moody but not as striking as the film needs them to be in order to overcome its weaknesses; Kral is credited for additional music.

Film music credits
**Opening Credits**
Music by Christophe Beck
**End Credits**
Music editor: Zoran Borisavljevic
Additional music by Robert J Kral
[no song credits]